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Heritage Turkeys

Heritage turkeys raised on the outskirts of town on real Missouri dirt. Turkeys roam a 6,000 square foot permanent outdoor home with rotational access to areas up to 1/4 acre at a time. Turkeys have their choice of indoor and outdoor roosts to protect them from the elements and predators. They are given no antibiotics, no growth hormones, they keep their beaks and nobody is culled. Turkeys are allowed to form their own natural gaggles, scratch and hunt for food, take dust baths, and otherwise be turkeys as Mother Nature intended. They are bred, laid, hatched, and raised right here. Oh--and they taste great! You'll get them humanely harvested and delivered in their pure unadulterated state. We won't inject them with salt water and we won't fill the cavity with heavy gravy. You get pure turkey meat on the bone. If you're a fan of giblets, order them separately.

Bourbon Red Heritage Turkey

Not your frozen grocery store turkey! Bourbon Reds have been a recognized American breed since 1909, developed from...

Pencil Palm Heritage Pastured Turkeys

The Royal Palm is a great tasting turkey listed with the Ark of Taste and available in a smaller package than most of...

Blue Slate Turkey

The Blue Slate Turkey comes to us thanks to two natural mutations that happened before anybody bothered to write that...

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