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Pastured Heritage Chicken & Eggs

Our chickens are raised outdoors on genuine Missouri soil with plenty of room to stretch their wings. All chickens were chosen from the Ark of Taste to make sure they are as flavorful as they can be. They are cage free, free-range, pasture-raised, you name it. We mix their feed ourselves and raise a substantial portion of it ourselves. That means no herbicides, no pesticides, and no fungicides. They don't get antibiotics, growth hormones, or any other chemicals. They get to keep their beaks, all the better to catch the crickets we raise just for them. You'll taste the difference and be healthier for it.

Free Range Eggs

Our layers are free range. Their coop door is left open 24/7/365 allowing them to come and go as they wish. They...

Big ol' Broiler

Large, cage-free broiler chickens suitable for multiple meals. Broilers will yield 4 lbs minimum. Next harvesting...

Farmers' market purchase

Click here to make a payment for something purchased at a farmers' market. Put one item in your basket for each...

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